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Are you a parent who doesnít know where to turn?
Are you a young person who is finding it difficult to cope?
Are you an adult who recognises some of the symptoms of ADHD in themselves?
Or are you a professional who is looking for information about ADHD that will help you in your work?
Whatever your reason for visiting this site, I can help you to find the answers.

My interest in ADHD began in 2002, when my teenage son was finally diagnosed with ADD. I quickly realised that I too, had ADD and some of the problems we had faced as a family began to make sense.

From then on I tried to find out as much as I could about ADHD and associated conditions, went to many seminars and conferences and read lots of books. In 2006 I qualified as a coach, specialising in ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome. I also became Chair of the Sussex ADHD Support Group and now run their office in Horsham.

In 2007 I started my coaching business. I am passionate about helping people who are trying to cope with ADHD because I know only too well what a struggle it can be.
I also know that those who have ADHD have lots of other talents and often donít get a chance to show them.

Look round this website and you will see what I can offer; find more information on ADHD and associated problems; and how coaching can help you.

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I am based in West Sussex, but coaching and mentoring can also be carried out over the phone. Call me on 01403 733931 or email me at for advice or to discuss your needs.

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